So I recently starting making an effort to read… I know that sounds lame but it’s true. I’ve always wanted to be a “reader” but I have only finished one book in my life! Well now… I am glad to say I have finished another!! In less than a month! I KNOW RIGHT!! How cool am I?!

So I just finished James Patterson’s “Pop Goes the Weasel.” It was really good! I am hooked! James Patterson is a really good writer. My cousin recommended I try reading his books… I L-O-V-E him! He writes like Law and Order-y books… Totally keeps you on edge and interested. So needless to say I will continue reading him.

ADDED BONUS: I walked into Blockbuster yesterday and what did I see??… a table holding a bunch of books on clearance… 2 of which were James Patterson! SCORE! 2 hardcover books regularly $30… on sale for $3.99!! HOLLAAAA!

I will start a new one tonight… It really helps me take my mind off the day and relax.

Anywho thats all I got for now!


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