I’m still ALIVE! a quick recap and change of direction…

WOWZA! It’s been too long since I have updated my blog! Well I need to… Here’s a quick recap of what is up in the crazy world of MelTown…

March 2010 – Left my Advertising & Listing Coordinator position at Coldwell Banker Bain Lake Union. I went to go work at my son’s daycare so I could be closer to him and learn a new trait…

June 2010 – PREGO with NUMERO DOS! Expecting another baby in February 2011! YIPPEE!

August 2010 – Went back to CBBain as a Real Estate Assistant. Let’s just say I realized that I am more structured that toddlers and needed to get back into a business environment!

October 2010 – It’s a BOY! Found out we will be having another boy! We are excited and can’t wait to see Jovani and Javian grow up together! Should I pull my hair out now or just wait??!!

November 2010 – I am still working as a real estate assistant for an agent out of the Lake Union office of Coldwell Banker Bain. I have decided that it is really time to get my business going! It’s time to stop being scared and to just do it! Everyone who I have bounced the idea off of has loved the idea so I need to GET ON IT! I am expecting to stay home with my boys after February only working maybe one day a week in the office. This means I need this business to launch before then!

So on that note… I have decided that this blog will be dedicated to what my life is and will be for years to come. This blog will be about an Entreprenuerial Mommy of 2 Crazy Boys! (Now we dont know for sure that the next boy will be crazy, but given the track record of the family he will be connected to… One can only assume!)

Now that we are pretty much up to date… LET”S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!


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