Dream. Believe. Achieve.

I feel the need to set something straight with the universe. I have a confession… I am a secret believer. Meaning, I believe in The Secret. Part of that is to put your thoughts out there… To make them happen. By putting your “visions” or your “goals” out there you are more likely to achieve them. Here is goes… This IS what I WILL have in life…

A Mother

I will be the mom that is successful. I will run my own business and have fun while I’m at it. I will be there for my kids when I am needed. I will have the house that all the kids want to hang out at and have comfort in knowing they are all safe in this wicked world. I will be a friend but more importantly a mom. An inspiration.

My Dream House

I will have a house with at least 4 bedrooms and enough room to have my family comfortable. I will have space to entertain my extended family so we can have all the holidays there, if we want. We will live in a neighborhood where we actually KNOW the neighbors and can call them to house sit when we go out of town.

My Backyard

I will have a backyard that is big enough for my boys to run around like crazy animals as much as they want. I will have the back patio that everyone loves to come over and enjoy BBQs on. I will be that grandma that is outside soaking up the rays while my grandkids run around splashing and laughing with each other.


We will go on vacations. We didn’t do this when I was growing up. We will do this with my kids… I want them to see the world! Vacations are a great way to bond and get that quality time in. The world is busy… everyone needs a break!

Our Second Home

After our kids are grown and living their successful lives… we will have one of these as a second home. We will visit every state. We will go on a food tour of america! Yes I said it… a FOOD tour! That is my dream and think what you want! I love food! 😉

While we are seeing the country I will fill up one of these…

(I love this and plan to make one for myself)

And when things start to slow down in life and we can look back at everything we have said and done… This is what I will want the most…

We will walk in the park while we talk about our boys and their families and what a good life we have had.

All we have to do is Dream. Believe. Achieve.


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