Leave My Strawberries ALONE!



My mom was nice enough to get me a big planter last year for my birthday and built me a salsa garden… It didn’t work out as well as I had hoped because the “ingredients” were never done at the same time. So this year she got me strawberries and cherry tomatoes for my planter. Jovani loves to help water and “maintain” the garden, so he will love the little bit size foods.

The strawberries were getting close last week so I decided to check on them today. Some were ready… ready enough for the SLUGS!!! I didn’t really realize my connection to my pseudo-garden until today! I WAS MAD! How dare those nasty things eat my sons strawberries! I was thinking about it during my whole day as I was out and about.

As soon as I got home I looked up HOW TO KEEP SLUGS AWAY!! This is what I found:

  • Egg Shells… Crushed and spread around the plant. Sounds easy enough… we have eggs and I have hands, so why not crush them!
  • Oat Bran… Apparently they try to eat it and it wont digest so they die. I’m all for that but who has Oat Bran laying around? PASS!
  • Beer!… Supposedly the slugs will try to eat/drink it and drowned. I don’t think my hubby would be willing to share his “grown up juice” with the slugs!

I think I have decided to go the egg shell route… It sounds like an earth friendly option and I have the ingredients.

What tips do you have for a pseudo-gardener?




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