Guess what we’re up to…

our new menu plan 😉


HI! Well call us suckers for documentaries or call it facing reality. The hubby and I were watching a documentary about weight loss and “rebooting” our bodies. The one that captured our attention was called “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about what it was all about but basically Joe Cross traveled miles influencing A LOT of over weight and unhealthy people. He had a chronic disease and was all around unhealthy. He decided to do a 60 day juice fast. We were amazed by his results. His disease… gone! This captured our attention and got us researching it and thinking if we could possibly do this…

Then we watch yet ANOTHER documentary about our diets in the U.S…. Let’s just say: NO BUENO! This documentary was called “Forks Over Knives.” This film examines the claim that most diseases can be controlled or cured just by our diets. Ummm TALK ABOUT EYE OPENING!

After discussing this more we decided that we really need and want to do something about our health. It is way over due! So… We are deciding to do a “No More Dirty in 30 Challenge!” 30 days of a semi juice fast, no dairy and no red meat for 30 days.  Breakfast and Lunch will consist of homemade juices with fresh fruits or veggies for snacks. We will finish the day with dinner, consisting of lean meat, veggies and some brown rice or beans.

THE appliance...

We LOVE our juicer and have used it quite a few times but this puppy will be takin it to ANUTHA LEVEL starting tomorrow. It squeezes out so much juice compared to some other juicers! And really we remember how fit Jack LaLanne was… he had’ve been on to something! 😉

Water bottles from Target

Our new Lunchboxes


I got these great new water bottles from Target. They hold a whopping 56oz and have a little freezer tube thing to keep everything cold! Super excited to try this out.

We both know that this will be a challenge but we NEED and have to do this! We are both committed to this and determined to make a change. It’s not just about weight loss anymore… It’s about getting healthy, and yes there is a difference!

Stay tuned for daily posts, with juice recipes and an update on our progress!

-Melissa & The Hubby


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