System Reboot: Day 2

Day 2 ingredients

Day 2 ingredients

We made it to Day 2!! WOOT WOOT! 😉 Today was good… Very busy and productive at work which meant I didn’t have time to really focus on hunger. I did notice that as soon as I smelled food or it was lunch time I was hungry and needed food/juice NOW!

We had a Strategic Planning meeting today for my department so our lovely Director brought in lunch… Thai food. Really I wanted to order Cashew Chicken or Chicken Rama with Peanut Sauce… but instead I got a veggie stir fry with fried tofu. Yes I know, FRIED! Give a girl a break… It was my first time attempting Tofu. sometimes ya gotta ease into it! It was good though! I’ll actually order it again!

Day 2 Lunch

Day 2 Lunch

Overall feeling today… Well we have a headache and feel a little worn out but I’ve read that is a side effect… Not too worried about it during the first week. It could just be from the LACK of caffeine!! Yea, this 5 shot americano drinkin’ mama aint havin it right now!! Major changes people!

We are stickin with it… Weighed ourselves this morning and I’m down 2lbs and the hubby is down 5lbs. We are talking 1 day here! I realize this is water weight but I’m just going to call it motivation! And on to Day 3 people!!! LET’S DO THIS!



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