My so called life…

Webinars and BabiesI figured it was time to give you an update… My life is busy? Chaotic? Loud? uhhhh fun and challenging… that’s it!

I’ve just survived my first year being a full time worker bee and mother of 2 boys. Thank goodness for a good hubby and support system! My oldest is almost 4 and youngest is 18 months. Did you just say “oh boy!” in your head? Well yea… that sums it up! Here’s a look at a typical day (times may vary)…

6:30 – Wake Up
6:35 – Check Email/Facebook
6:45 – Shower and get ready
7:00 – Boys wake up (let the chaotic fun begin!)
7:45 – Pick out the day’s clothes for the boys
8:00 – Make some quick grub for the boys and grab something for my commute to break the fast. (The hubby chauffeurs the boys so he takes over mommy duty at this point)
8:10 – Jump in the car and off I go on my joyous commute. (sarcasm) – I drive from Tacoma to Bellevue twice a week and Tacoma to Kent twice a week and am mobile on Fridays.
8:30 or 9:30 (depending on the day) – In office and working away!
4:30 – Commute home
5:00 or 6:00 (depending on the day) – Home sweet home. It’s MOMMY TIME!
6:15-6:30 – Figure out dinner and get it on the table FAST! 
7:15 – Bath and Bed (The hubby takes the baby and I take the big boy)
8:00 – Back downstairs to finish up the work day
9:00 – Finally Adult Time (typically involves our fav reality tv shows and pinterest!)
11:00 – Bedtime for Mommy

*rinse and repeat Monday thru Friday!

The big boy has soccer on Friday evenings so the routine is changed and of course includes FROYO FRIDAY after practice!

The days are long and challenging with working full time and still trying to be that loving mommy my boys need and deserve but it’s all worth it in the end!

What about you? Can you relate?


One thought on “My so called life…

  1. Oh just wait until they are older you think it would get easier but NOT!!! It’s just more chaotic. Here’s a glance into my day with three:$

    7:30 get home from work/wake kids up (that’s right my chaos starts at my most zombiest)
    8:00 make breakfast
    8:30 walk kids to school…they take a bus to their school from another school.
    9:00 take youngest to pre-school
    9:15 pass out before I hit my bed
    2:00 wake up, clean and start dinner
    3:30 go get kids
    4:00 mom makes snack and helps with home work.
    5:00 Mon/thurs horseback riding lessons plus work on farm Wed- hockey and figure skate
    6:30 or 7 Dinner at some point
    8:00 bath and book
    8:30 bedtime
    930 leave for work
    Stay up all night and do it again plus on call every weekend.

    Motherhood is so fun and the older they get the more they want to do:) Oh and fridays I volunteer at the kids school from 2-3:)

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