Mealtime Mania…

Do you have a hard time getting your toddler to eat? I know a few parents that have a hard time getting their todds to eat. My boys eat pretty well for the most part but sometimes like to play games. My oldest has decided to “not like” certain foods, even if he just ate them the other day and all was great. Silly toddler. Or when my youngest decides it’s more fun to fling the food on the floor rather than in his mouth!

So how to we turn these games I to games that are productive?

Here’s what we do:

  • Play with your food yes I said it. I mean get creative… like that broccoli… yea those are TREES! and who likes trees?… DINOSAURS! Toddlers love dinosaurs!
  • Monkey Bites this is how we squeeze in those “just three more bites.” My oldest loves to see how big of a bite he can take. Believe it or not this trick works. (He hasn’t ever choked either, he knows what he can handle.)
  • Friendly Competition having two boys they love a little competition. So when one, or both, won’t eat we turn it into a race! While we know it’s not entirely healthy to rush through a meal, it gets the nutrients in and bellies full so we go with it!
  • No Special Meals – I don’t cater… you get what you get. I make dinner, you eat dinner. If he says he wants crackers instead of a full meal and you give in, you’re telling him it’s OK to make deals in other areas of life. If they decide not to eat or get up from the table then dinner goes in the fridge and when the “I’m hungggggey” whining starts soon after, dinner comes back out. Works every time. He ends up eating his dinner.

Those are some tricks that works for us… what works for you and your little ones?


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