My Leap of Faith…


WARNING: I will spill my beans in this post. I tend to hold things in and this is my chance to get it out.

So I quit my corporate job… Yep, like that. I will no longer be a corporate working mommy.

Two months ago my family suffered a tragedy… We lost my beautiful cousin Margie to that nasty ass thing we know as breast cancer. She was battling for two years with triple negative breast cancer. I remember when Margie told me her doctor told her she had it. I cried. For hours. It didn’t make sense. It still doesn’t… It NEVER will. We thought Margie had won the battle until earlier this year when it came back with a vengeance. When she told me the second time, I can’t even put into words how sad and scared I was. I cried again. For days. The pain that I felt I hadn’t felt since I lost my dad in 2004. It’s the kind of pain that literally hurts in your chest, your mind… your whole soul. As I write this post, my chest is tight. My soul remembers that sadness.

In October 2012, Margie and her little girls and new hubby took a family trip to Hawaii. She was the kind of person who knew how to grab hold of life and live it. I love her. She’s my inspiration. While in Hawaii, she became very ill. Her story was covered on local news channels and got MASS amounts of coverage via social media. I was amazed. I can’t say I was surprised. If you knew Margie, you wouldn’t be surprised either. Just purely amazed by the generosity and love for such a beautiful soul. The goal was to get Margie home, to Seattle. It happened! Margie made it home.

On October 12, 2012, we all gathered by her to be with her. The more I think about it the less it was for her and the more it was for ourselves. You see, Margie is the strongest person I know. She knew how to flash that beautiful smile and conquer the day when someone weaker could never do such a thing. Us being by her was to me how we were holding on, trying to grasp any bit left of her to keep with us forever.

That afternoon Margie officially became my angel. Little did I know that would be the day my life would begin to change…

From then on… I was lost. I was battling with myself. I knew I wasn’t right with my priorities. My mind was with my career but my heart was with my family. You see, the reason I was so pained by Margie’s illness wasn’t just because she was my cousin… It was because she was a mommy. This made me truly realize that the saying “time flies” is more than just a saying. It’s life. I look back at everything and say “Holy Crap! Look at everything that’s happened!” I will not be the person that looks back when I am 50 years old and says “Damn, I should’ve taken more time with my babies.” I can’t and I won’t.

So I quit. I quit my full time job so I can have more time with my boys. I’ve accepted a per diem gig at Seattle Children’s hospital and will be starting my own Virtual Assisting business, launching tomorrow (12/12/12)! My passion is helping people. Whether is in the hospital or small business owners succeed. It fulfills me.

So as 12/12/12 marks the 2 month mark of Margie leaving us physically, she will never leave my soul. I will live my life each day with the memory of her and the goal to be a better me, just like she would want.

As I finish out my bittersweet last week in my current gig… I will hold my breath and head high as I start a new journey in the week’s to come!

If you want to check out Margie’s blog it’s here:

Here’s the news story:

Here’s a sneak peek at my new venture:

“Alis volat propiis.” ❤