My personal downfall…


So I’ve been thinking about this for some time… The golden question: How do I make time for me?

As a mom and wife does that even exist? Is it necessary? Is it selfish?

I don’t flippin’ know! I have been juggling the pseudo-single mom life this past year since my hubbs travels quite often for work and the alone time is few and far between. I feel like it’s my duty to be there for the boys even more to compensate for the other half being gone. They feel it… I feel it. They are stressed… I am stressed.

Often I feel that my non-mommy friends don’t understand why I can’t hang out when they can or I can’t go to dinner because frankly I just don’t have the energy to deal with a screaming tired 2 yr old that is fighting with his older brother.

But as I type this I wonder to myself if I am doing an injustice to all of us by not taking time to myself when I can. Surely me being stressed and overly tired does no good for anyone. So I guess if I could change one thing about myself… I’d change priority for myself.

So now that I’ve talked myself into it… Where’s my nail technician with my glass of wine?!


NaBloMoPo: Nov 1: If you found one million dollars in the morning and had to spend it by nightfall, what would you do with the money?


If I woke up to $1 mil… Well I sure as heck would hope I didn’t over sleep on that day!

First thing I would do would be to pay off EVERYTHING and all debt. Can you imagine that feeling?… AMAZE-Balls!

Then I would make a very fast call to my fav real estate peeps and get a nice new house (nothing too extravagant, but new or remodeled) in Seattle and San Diego and set a record for the fastest real estate transactions ever. There MUST be palm trees in the yard in San Diego. MUST!

Then I would put any remainder if there were any on Visa Gift Cards so I could spend it later. 😉 Is that cheating? It may be. Whateva.

I’d probably also splurge on this AWESOME Young Living kit that I have had my eyes on since I started using these bad boys… Check out this beauty: Aroma Complete. Can you imagine the things I could do with all them oils! Gives me gooseybumps!

Now that I am totally thinking about palm trees and oil kits… Off to dreamland.