Confession Time: I stress.




Okay so my first confession: I’ve been neglecting you. I’m sorry. I want to blog more and I will try harder. 😉 Ok that wasn’t my real confession but I needed to address that first!

REAL Confession: I stress. A lot. I’m a work at home mom with 2 small boys that are the definition of boy in my eyes. They scream, they fight, they break things, everything is a jungle gym and it’s busy. It’s a loud and crazy life we lead. Sometimes it’s hard to chill and be calm. Sometimes I’m borderline Hulk status up in here. You wouldn’t like to see it… I don’t like to feel it. It don’t want to be that mom… The mom thats yelling and nagging and turning green… I mean red in the face. So I’ve been working on controlling myself. I want my boys to be happy individuals so who needs to set that example… Me. Well this is what is helping me. Like dead serious it is saving the world. To the point where when My oldest sees me about to go ape sheepoopy he says “Mommy I will get your rolly oil.” It seriously helps! Like hulk mode status to peace out hippy dude everything is good status. So that’s it… Just wanted to share the awesomeness. Heck I may even start meditating soon. Whoa now.


P.S. I love my oils and my only regret is not adding them to my life sooner.


5 thoughts on “Confession Time: I stress.

    • I have found that real pure essential oils are amazing. They actually heal….they are proven scientifically (no not just theory) and I am the biggest skeptic around when it comes to fads and fancies… fixin this and fixin that. Oil on Mom… can’t wait for your new blog!

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