I’m about to open up here… Like on the real. So leave your judgments at the door. I don’t want them.

Have you ever felt alone? Like truly alone. You could be surrounded by people but maybe those people don’t really get you or what you’re going through. Sure you’re life isn’t horrible. It’s actually pretty damn good but there are those days right? The days where you feel like you need to word vomit about life, business, family, anything and everything and just have someone listen and give reassurance. To feel like they are there with you.

Over the past 2 years I have felt alone more times than I can count. My husband travelled weekly for work coming home for only Saturday’s usually. That’s hard. So hard on our family. Now without sounding whiny I have to say I 100% appreciate his work and dedication. He didn’t want to be gone, he probably felt more torn than any of us. We have 2 young boys, they love their daddy. He is very involved and missed when he is gone. So where does that leave me? Well I had to be super mom. Like it wasn’t an option. I was doing it all. School, homework, meals, sports, baths, hugs, kisses, bedtime, laundry… the list goes on and on. Oh and did I mention, I run a full time Virtual Assistant business and I actively try to change the world with essential oils? Yes that’s 2 gigs on top of being (or attempting to be) super mom. I got this right? NO. I didn’t feel that way. There were SOOOO many days where I just wanted to throw in the towel. Maybe business wasn’t going as planned, the negative feedback, the having to defend myself and our decisions was exhausting! I didn’t want advice… I didn’t want someone asking me WHY I was even doing all this. I wanted someone to tell me I CAN DO THIS… That I can’t give up… That I CAN have it all… I CAN BE SUCCESSFUL.

You know who did that for me every single time I spoke to them? My Lemondropper Family. It never failed. We don’t even all live in the same state and they have full faith in me that I can do ALL of this… One step at a time. I just need to trust the process.

So fast forward to today… I am so happy I didn’t throw in the towel on any of my businesses… I have actually expanded! (Yes, I’m that crazy) Why? Because I know what I want in life and I know what I need to go get it… You know where I learned that? Yep, my Lemondropper Leadership team. You don’t stop because the haters are loud… You keep it pushing to prove them all wrong. So now with 3 businesses, a happy family and a husband that is no longer traveling for work (hollllerrrr)… I say IN YO FACE to the days that made me feel like I wasn’t enough. We CAN have it all, if we really want it bad enough and surround ourselves with people that truly get it.

I have to add this super encouraging video these gals did… I watched it AFTER I posted this and it’s crazy how much they reflect the same message.

Tell me… Where do you go for your support?


4 thoughts on “Belonging…

  1. So much love for you, my friend. So thankful our paths have crossed. You have kept me going more day than I can count. So thank YOU.

  2. Melissa you have been such an inspiration to me with all you do. Thank you for being you, encouraging me, helping me and just being you! I’m so happy, excited and thankful to be on your team (both of them 😉). You got this girl! Love you!

    • Awe thanks Holly. You have been right by my side hustling! Still and will remain excited for the things that are to come!

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