What I’ve been up to…

Hey Hey Gang!

I just wanted to give you a little update! In January I decided to expand my Virtual Assistant business. I was always getting requests from entrepreneurs wondering if I had time to help them with their behind the scenes business… So of course my brain got to working and I decided to create Cakewalk Lifestyle Management Solutions aka Team Cakewalk! Business is great and I LOVE the connections I am making with like minded entrepreneurs.

As I was diving into really becoming a biz owner and expanding my biz, I discovered another passion… Coaching and Training. I absolutely LOVE helping people get to the next level. I love empowering women and moms and not allowing them to settle. You truly CAN have it all, if you want it bad enough. So in May 2015 I launched my personal brand, The Real Melissa Ceja. I offer Lifestyle Biz Coach services and trainings to help you gain the confidence you need to grow your little biz idea into something that can bring home the bacon! It’s SOOOOO fun to be able to work with people that have that hustle in them! I seriously LOVE it!

So if you are looking for business training or trying to get on that entrepreneur game, then let’s get connected on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

I will still be sharing my #momlife beautiful chaos here! ❤




My personal downfall…


So I’ve been thinking about this for some time… The golden question: How do I make time for me?

As a mom and wife does that even exist? Is it necessary? Is it selfish?

I don’t flippin’ know! I have been juggling the pseudo-single mom life this past year since my hubbs travels quite often for work and the alone time is few and far between. I feel like it’s my duty to be there for the boys even more to compensate for the other half being gone. They feel it… I feel it. They are stressed… I am stressed.

Often I feel that my non-mommy friends don’t understand why I can’t hang out when they can or I can’t go to dinner because frankly I just don’t have the energy to deal with a screaming tired 2 yr old that is fighting with his older brother.

But as I type this I wonder to myself if I am doing an injustice to all of us by not taking time to myself when I can. Surely me being stressed and overly tired does no good for anyone. So I guess if I could change one thing about myself… I’d change priority for myself.

So now that I’ve talked myself into it… Where’s my nail technician with my glass of wine?!


Could I be a Mommy Blogger?

Mommy Blogger Scholarship

Image from: assistanceforsinglemothers.com

So I’ve wanted to blog… but as you can see from the date of my last post… It hasn’t ranked high on my list of priorities!

I got an email this evening about a “Mommy Blogger Scholarship” offer… I applied. Why? Well because I took it as a sign. I’ve been wanting to transform this blog into a “Full Time Working Soccer TBall Modeling Mommy of 2 Monsterously Cute Little Boys” blog. Crazy?… Probably. But would you expect anything less from me?

As I was filling out the application, I really got to think about what I would want to make of the blog. My mind started to SWIRL (in a good way)!

So who knows… Maybe this is the push I need to get it going. What do you think? Would you read?