What I’ve been up to…

Hey Hey Gang!

I just wanted to give you a little update! In January I decided to expand my Virtual Assistant business. I was always getting requests from entrepreneurs wondering if I had time to help them with their behind the scenes business… So of course my brain got to working and I decided to create Cakewalk Lifestyle Management Solutions aka Team Cakewalk! Business is great and I LOVE the connections I am making with like minded entrepreneurs.

As I was diving into really becoming a biz owner and expanding my biz, I discovered another passion… Coaching and Training. I absolutely LOVE helping people get to the next level. I love empowering women and moms and not allowing them to settle. You truly CAN have it all, if you want it bad enough. So in May 2015 I launched my personal brand, The Real Melissa Ceja. I offer Lifestyle Biz Coach services and trainings to help you gain the confidence you need to grow your little biz idea into something that can bring home the bacon! It’s SOOOOO fun to be able to work with people that have that hustle in them! I seriously LOVE it!

So if you are looking for business training or trying to get on that entrepreneur game, then let’s get connected on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

I will still be sharing my #momlife beautiful chaos here! ❤




The small things…

Vani with Crazy Hair

Vani with Crazy Hair

As it’s near the end of the day, I’m thinking about all that happens in my day as a sahm. I’m lucky to be with my kids so much. I think about how my life has changed just in the past 2 short years. My moment of relaxation now is spent sitting on the lid of the toilet seat while my toddler enjoys his bath…

How do you spend your moments of relaxation?…

Tacoma Street Fair 2011

We moved to the Tacoma area almost 2 years ago and still haven’t explored much of the city. So we decided to go to the Tacoma Street Fair today… it was FUN!

Let’s try this again!

So I really wanted to do #reverb10 but failed! So I am going to attempt another blog project… Project 365. A photo a day for the whole year. I have to catch up since we are already 5 days in… hope you stick around to check out my life through photos!